Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  I’m headed to the great state of Alabama for a friends wedding.  I couldn’t be more excited to reunite with college friends.  It is way overdue.  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

p.s.  I love mason jars.














and ROLL TIDE!!!!


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Jackie’s Anniversary

Yesterday was Jackie Kennedy’s anniversary of her wedding with John F. Kennedy.  I wish I had known – I would’ve posted this tribute yesterday!  Their wedding was 59 years ago.  It’s sad to think how things might have been if JFK had not been assassinated.  I wonder how many anniversaries they would have celebrated.





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Another wedding weekend…

I feel like I go to weddings, engagement parties, and showers every other weekend.  It’s exhausting…  But totally worth it!  I had so much fun in Spartanburg, South Carolina with so many great friends.  Congratulations, Garrett & Katie!

Please excuse the quality of the iphone pictures…

Pretty friends


My friends are very mature :)

Now back to reality…



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