Hicks is Hung!

My Hicks pendant is hung! I can’t stop looking at it. It’s just perfect. I took some pictures to share, of course. But first I wanted to show a before picture. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture before the old fixture was removed (too much excitement). BUT, I did find an old picture with the old fixture in it. Please know that this picture was taken literally right after I moved in and it in no way reflects how my apartment looks on a regular basis. The old fixture is the little white spotlight in the upper left corner over the sink.



Old fixture:


And here is the old fixture after the electrician took it down:

And the Hicks pendant! (this is what my apartment actually looks like on a regular basis)







Isn’t it gorgeous?




Favorite chandeliers lately…

For a while now I’ve considered these chandeliers my favorites. They are awesome. I don’t know what it is about this look (they all look very similar). I love them in Antique Brass, but I’ll take any finish, really. They are all manufactured by Visual Comfort and available through Circa Lighting or Mallory Mathison Inc. :)


Dauphine 4-Light Chandelier in Gilded Iron finish. So simple but so pretty! I usually don’t consider my taste to be modern.

Also available: Dauphine 8-light chandelier. Also available in Aged Iron.


Bryant Small Chandelier in Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass. This one is designed by Thomas O’Brien. The same designer who designed my beloved Hicks Pendant. Swoon.

The Bryant is also available in a larger size and a Bronze finish.


And possibly my favorite chandelier… the Vendome chandelier. Ahhh I love how feminine it is! Below is the small size in Antique Brass. It is also designed by Thomas O’Brien. I think he is my lighting god!?! I mean he is nailing it with his light fixture designs!

However, I’m not as big of a fan of the larger size Vendome


And finally, my favorite little bitty chandelier. The Reed chandelier. I know you probably think these all look exactly alike. Well they do. But they ARE different :)

How cute is Reed?!

Good thing I don’t really have anywhere to put a chandelier… How would I chose!?!


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Hicks Obsession

I hate to point out the obvious, but Visual Comfort’s Hicks pendant light is perfection in the form of a light fixture.  There’s no doubt that Thomas O’Brien is a genius for designing such an awesome piece.  If I had a kitchen with an island, you can bet I would spend my savings on a pair of these gorgeous pendants.  The only problem is that I would never be able to decide what finish!  Antique Nickel, Polished Nickel, Antique Brass, OR Bronze with Brass!?! (I kind of think I would go with the Bronze with Brass).  The fixtures are available through Circa lighting stores.

Please excuse the repetition of pictures from a previous post – they were necessary :)

design by Ashli Mizell

sources:  Visual Comfort’s blog, and Pinterest

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