Headboard Heaven

People are getting really creative with their upholstered headboard shapes!  John Robshaw‘s headboard designs definitely take the cake (I already dedicated a post to them), but I’ve seem some other fabulous shapes and styles in the interior design world lately.

I was inspired to write this post after seeing Robshaw’s apartment in the latest Elle Decor.  Unfortunately the pictures/article are not online.  In the article, Robshaw’s bed is a four poster metal frame with an upholstered headboard that is a variation of his Bihar headboard design.

And now for some other favorite headboard designs…

[click on pictures for sources]

Allison Caccoma

Allison Caccoma




House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Rockwell Group via House Beautiful

Rockwell Group via House Beautiful

Simple. White. Tufted.

Simple. White. Tufted.


I’ve always LOVED this headboard… via Lonny


What's not to love about this huge, green, round, ikat headboard?  Statement piece.

What’s not to love about this huge, green, round, ikat headboard? Can we say statement piece?



Kelly Wearstler's fabulous fabrics

Kelly Wearstler’s fabulous fabrics

unique shape + contrast piping

unique shape + contrast piping




All other pictures from Pinterest.

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Never too much tufting

The title of this post is pretty dumb but I really couldn’t think of anything else.  And it’s actually not even true because I think you CAN have too much tufting.  Obviously, you don’t want to have every piece of upholstery in a room tufted.

Anyway, I love tufted upholstery!  Here is a little compilation of why:

via Desire to Inspire


Why just tuft the headboard when you can tuft the entire bed? [via Georgiana Design]




Obsessed with this wall of tufting from House Beautiful.  The Greek Key tape trim is not bad either.


Jonathan Adler via Elle Decor





 Kelly Wearstler via Lonny


Lonny, August 2012


One of my favorite sofas EVER.


Estee Stanley via Lonny, August 2012


 Lynn Nigro via Lonny, Jan/Feb 2012


Love the feminine legs on this Thibaut chair.


 What’s not to love about that gorgeous blue velvet sofa? [Melissa Warner]


 Of course Miles Redd has a tufted RED velvet sectional sofa in his pink living room. [source]


 The Maxine sofa has tufting just on the back and sides [Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams]


Traditional Home


Obsessed with this banquette!  What a beauty.








All other images via Pinterest.



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ikat, you kat, we kat


source: Chattafabulous via House Beautiful

source: Design My Way

I have been seeing ikat everywhere lately.  I’m not sure how I feel about it. It used to be mostly just in fabrics in decorating, kind of like an interior designer’s secret weapon.  Now you can find ikat prints on just about anything – clothing, dinnerware, ipad covers… I have a pair of JCrew ikat shorts that are one of my favorite pieces of clothing.  They no longer carry them so I don’t have a picture, but trust me, they’re cute!!

Anyways, I did a little shopping browsing last weekend and ikat prints were popping up everywhere in all different forms.

I spotted this super cute ikat tie on JCrew’s website.  It’s called the Selvedge Stripe Ikat tie… Would make a great father’s day present!

Ann Taylor LOFT is ALL about the ikat right now…

Ruffle Neck ikat dress

Ikat print Linen Shift dress

and the matching Marisa Ikat pants. LOFT also has ikat shorts in a few different colors.

Ikat picture frames? Yes, please.  These colorful ones are from the Well Appointed House

Or this frame from Textile Republic.  Which comes in lots of other color combinations.

Target has a lot of ikat scarves right now.  Like this Red Ikat Pareo.

I’ve always loved this ikat dinnerware from C Wonder.  Also comes in Chocolate Brown, Coral, and Navy.

Winifred Settee from Anthropologie

Mallory pointed out this green ikat Dhurrie Rug from Shades of Light because she knew I would love it.  It has two of my favorite things: ikat + green = love.

I also discovered these affordable ikat silk pillows on Pinterest.  They’re from a site called Sheherazade Home.  I’ve never heard of it or ordered from them, but they sure are pretty in the pictures!  And great prices too.


I have always loved the look of a good white slipcover. A slipcover adds a casual laid back look to a piece of furniture. Most people see slipcovers as just a sheet that is thrown over an upholstered piece of furniture.  Oh no. They can be so much more.  This post was inspired by this picture from yesterday’s post on cabins:

How cute are those blue slipcovers on those Louis XVI style chairs with the TIES?!?!?  These chairs prove that a slipcover doesn’t have to be a white sheet on a club chair. You can get creative with slipcovers. Ideally, you would want to have them custom made for a piece of furniture, but there are lots of decent slipcovers out there from Pottery Barn, Ballard Design, even Target.

Hands down, the BEST thing about a slipcover? You can put them in the washing machine (or take them to a dry cleaner)! Therefore, they will last longer. Just another reason to make the investment to have them custom made.


 I’m IN LOVE with the slipcovers on the chairs below.  Louis XVI chairs with scalloped skirts?  Yes, please!

Cote de Texas


Miles Redd


Country Living


The Little Green Notebook


 Albert Hadley via House Beautiful


Dransfield & Ross via Elle Decor


A Petite Cottage



Jim Westcott via Elle Decor




McAlpine, Booth & Ferrier


 Melanie Turner


 via Pink Postcard


via Pink Wallpaper


via Roses & Rust


These might actually be my favorite… HOW CUTE.


Loving the buttons:


And last but not least…

Suzanne Kasler designed the unique slipcovers above.  I love them.  They’re so creative with their shape and contrast green piping and ties.  And they really add a casual feel to the otherwise formal dining room.