The Clay Pot, Chattanooga

I can’t believe I haven’t devoted a blog post to one of my favorite stores in Chattanooga! The Clay Pot is a cute home/flower/gift store in the Riverview area of Chattanooga. It is owned by the super talented Joe Jumper. I’m constantly impressed by all of the creative decorations he comes up with. You can check out some of them on the facebook page or the blog, “Dirt from… The Clay Pot”. I’ve been to several different weddings that he has worked on and they were all absolutely gorgeous.

I should’ve shared this post a couple of weeks ago because they make awesome custom wreaths for Christmas. Some of my favorites were the ones hung on the front doors of Embellish, a fabulous shoe store in Chattanooga. I loved the wreaths so much I convinced my mom to have one made for her green back door.

How about opening an Atlanta location, Joe? ;)

And now some pictures of those chic wreaths:

My parents’ back door (my mom and I painted it green last year):



The wreaths outside Embellish shoe store:
the clay pot1

the clay pot3

I told you Joe is creative!

the clay pot2

the clay pot4

If you’re ever in the Chattanooga area, be sure to stop at the Clay Pot to see what they have in store! And some highlights of Joe’s work and shop photos:


the clay pot9

the clay pot20

the clay pot6

Fir ladies? Love! These ladies are in the window of K: a boutique by Katherine Roberts, in Chattanooga. [click on this picture to be directed to K’s website]

the clay pot10

the clay pot19

the clay pot7

the clay pot8

the clay pot11

the clay pot12

the clay pot21

the clay pot13

the clay pot15

love these map votives!!

love these map votives!!

the clay pot16

the clay pot17

the clay pot18

the clay pot22

The Clay Pot

1311 Hanover Street

Chattanooga, TN 37405


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