Atlanta’s Decorator Showhouse

On Thursday, I got to go to the Atlanta Symphony‘s Decorator Showhouse.   Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me take pictures :(

And unfortunately, the show house will be over by the time you read this.  But I would encourage anyone in Atlanta to go next year because I really enjoyed it!  It was neat to see other Atlanta designers work.  And there were LOTS of designers featured in this house!  Since I didn’t get any pictures, I scoured the internet and found a few that might give you an idea of how chic it was.  These pictures don’t do it justice though.

Foyer by Melanie Turner of Melanie Turner Interiors.  I’ve always admired her work.  That is a stuffed South American Rhea bird on the table… an unexpected element.  I loved the black and white floors in the foyer.  And the gallery wall up the stairs.  Those horizontal striped silk curtains were soooooo tall!  And gorgeous.

Library by William Murphy of Essary & Murphy Inc.

Living room by Stan Topol

“Family dining room” by Womack Interiors

I LOVED these French doors!!!

Kitchen by Design Galleria.  I’m obsessed with the light fixtures — there were two of these big lanterns over the two kitchen islands.  And I am so loving brass hardware right now!

Master bedroom by Barbara Westbrook.  It was a dark room but I like a lot of things about it.  The embroidered edges on the curtains, that fabulous Clarence House fabric (I think) on the bench, the iron four poster bed with upholstered headboard and footboard, and the artwork…

Guest bedroom by Courtney Giles

“Young man’s bedroom” by Caroline McLean Tolleson.  This room was adorable for a little boy.  I wish I had more/better pictures.

And one of my favorites — the back stairwell by Kelly Crago Hansen.  The walls were upholstered in a linen fabric with a subtle print.  And the artwork was just FABULOUS.

sources: Design Galleria, AJC Homefinder, Martine Louise, From the Right Bank