Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I was hoping to have a gorgeous tan right now, after spending my 4th of July break here:

Elle Decor #pool #summer

But that did not work out as I planned.  I ended up spending zero time in the sun because it rained in Atlanta for about six days straight.   At least the rain kept the temperatures down (good for our plants and power bills)!

I’m praying for sun this weekend, what about ya’ll?

#pool #summer #shutters

Traditional Home #pool

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Goal for the weekend: to not melt

The temperature in Atlanta is expected to be around 107 degrees this weekend… Shoot me now.  I am miserable in hot weather.  I literally melt.  I love the sun but not when it feels like I’m on fire.  You can find me inside in the air conditioning all weekend long.  Although I wish I could be enjoying the great outdoors.  What I wouldn’t give for a pool in my backyard to just sit in allll dayyy loooong.   But a pool might just feel like a hot tub in these scorching temperatures.  If I ever have a pool, I’ll be sure to look at these pictures as inspiration…

Eddie Lee via Lonny













And I’ll be drinking one (or like four) of these to forget about how insanely hot it is:

Watermelon Margarita via My Recipes


All pictures via Pinterest.

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