Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  I hope everyone eats plenty of candy today!  I wish I was still young enough to go trick or treating…


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Pops of Orange

Christian Leone via Lonny

I’ve always disliked the color orange.  It is the color of Alabama’s two biggest rivals (Auburn and Tennessee, for those of you who are not from the South).   I know this sounds ridiculous, but anyone from the southeast would understand.

However, lately I’ve been so attracted to little pops of the color orange.  The picture above might be a little overboard, but I love it in small doses.  Orange accessories, orange throw blankets (perferably Hermes), orange flowers, orange pillows…  It really does add a special touch to the look of a room.  I think you will agree.

Traditional Home

 Miles Redd


via The Little Green Notebook


Ashley Putnam via Lonny

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