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I’m excited to have Summerfield’s first ever guest blogger from Arcadian Home!  I was so flattered to get an email from them saying that they’re a big fan of my little blog.  It’s always so nice to hear when anyone is a fan :)

If anyone ever has a topic they would like to see on Summerfield, feel free to send me a message!  I love feedback/recommendations.

Hello, everyone! It’s wonderful to be visiting here at Summerfield with a guest post from Arcadian Home blog, where you will find lots of interior design inspiration including fabulous home décor ideas from wall art to mini pendant lighting.

Today we’re going to take a little visual tour of eight of my favorite traditional rooms with a twist of some sort that brings them a fresh and lively vibe. From mixed up styles to quirky decorative elements, these interesting spaces will impress with their creative good looks. Please enjoy!

Thanks for letting me stop by for a visit.

~ Mari

Traditional Twist

This beautiful space feels traditional, but a twist of contemporary and glam takes it beyond that comfortable style. The chunky wood table is a great contemporary piece, while the round tub chairs trimmed in a silvery metallic that’s repeated in the side table add a touch of glam.

Traditional Twist

With traditional bones, treasured table and chairs, along with antique accessories, this dining room goes for much more with the appealing look of Chinoiserie in the fabulous screen and brass side chairs. Tall glass buffet lamps with gold metallic shades are a lovely contrast to the stunning ornate chandelier above the table.

Traditional Twist

In a breathtaking twist, the homeowner/designer asked for a glass greenhouse ceiling inside her new traditional kitchen. She got what she wanted and much more—it’s stunning.

Traditional Twist

This beautifully pale traditional kitchen is bathed in the glow from an ornate crystal chandelier with a contemporary twist—a sheer drum cage covering the upper portion of the light fixture.

Traditional Twist

A lovely mix of cabinetry and contemporary metals infuses this traditional kitchen with style and great functionality. I love the trio of simple pendant lights above the work table/charming dining spot.

Traditional Twist

In a cool twist on traditional farmhouse, this attic bedroom gets a polka dot upholstered bed and contemporary bedding to match.

Traditional Twist

A traditional girl’s bedroom with dark wood four-poster bed shows off a cute twist and one that could be easily implemented. Think paper pom poms, crocheted balls or tiny soft sculptures of just about any sort.

Traditional Twist

Architecturally, this room is totally traditional, but the furnishings are definitely not traditional with simply styled low seating and lots of modern elements. And the biggest twist here is the unexpected gaggle of contemporary lamps emanating from the ornate center ceiling medallion and hanging above the space.

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What do you think of these traditional spaces? Leave us with some of your comments, and stop by our blog for more home decor and inspirations!


Happy Friday!

I have no idea where this picture came from. It just showed up on my iPad one day… Isn’t it pretty though? I love the sconces, rug, and ikat stool. So simple.
I’m excited to have a laid back weekend in Atlanta. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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