Lorraine love

I had to share this picture because of the gorgeous painting over the bed. It kind of takes my breath away. I can’t wait for the day when I can afford fabulous art like this!!! I wish I had a better picture of it… or better yet, I wish I had the painting ;) I’m not sure who the artist is but it looks a lot like Lorraine Christie‘s work, whos paintings are sold at Huff Harrington, a gallery here in Atlanta.

I’m obsessed with Lorraine Christie’s paintings. If I had the money to buy fabulous art, one of her paintings would be my first purchase for sure.

Here’s a taste of her work:

I went to Paris a few years ago so this painting with the Eiffel tower in the background speaks to me. I have the perfect place for it in my living room. Maybe they will hold it for me for a few hundred years while I save my money? I mean if only Lorraine met me she would probably just let me have it, ya know?! ;)

“Paris Remembered”

“New York Remembered”

“A Kiss From the London Sky”

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