Roll Tide!

I’m headed to Knoxville, Tennessee to watch the Alabama Crimson Tide dominate the Tennessee Vols in football. Can’t wait! There’s nothing like watching your longtime friends suffer in a sporting event to your alma mater. Just kidding (kind of).

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

This picture represents my favorite memory of past Alabama / Tennessee football games… Mount Cody :)


And I just thought this picture was cute/appropriate…


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I’m bracing myself for a crowded/fun weekend in Atlanta.  Between labor day weekend traffic, hurricane Isaac, Braves games, and two big kickoff college football games, this weekend is going to be chaotic.  But I’m SO excited for football AND a three day weekend! 

I have a couple of friends coming to stay with me — maybe I should make them some beergaritas?

They would be so lucky! :)



And most importantly… ROLL TIDE!



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