In my opinion, burlap is probably the cheapest, most aesthetically pleasing fabric in existence.  I recently had a burlap bedskirt made for my bed.  Or “dust ruffle” as some people call it.   It literally made my room look 10 times better.  I paid $7 a yard (and that is considered expensive for burlap!) for about 5 yards to make a queen size bedskirt.  It was slightly gathered so it required a little more fabric than if it had been tailored.  My bedskirt looked something like this:

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Unfortunately, I’m ADD so the bedskirt only lasted a few months before it was replaced by a new one.

Burlap can be used as fabric in many different ways to save money.  The room pictured above went all out with burlap.  Headboard, bedskirt, AND curtains.  I’m not saying you should put burlap on everything, but if you’re looking to save $$$ on fabric, burlap is the way to go.

Burlap curtains are great.  If you leave the burlap unlined, it will act as a “sheer” fabric, allowing natural light, but still providing privacy.  They look best without any pleating because the fabric is so casual.  It adds a rustic feel to a room.  I especially love these burlap curtains with the thin iron hardware:

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However, I do not recomend using it as upholstery because its very itchy.  Unless you don’t use the chair/sofa very often, I would not upholster it in burlap.

My friends and I recently threw an engagement party where we used burlap as table runners.  It was perfect for a casual, outdoor party.

Please excuse the terrible quality of the picture taken from my iPhone.

I love burlap lamp shades like the ones on these Pottery Barn mercury lamps…

Pottery Barn

Love those mercury lamps!  They add a little bling to the burlap :)

Or what about a burlap pendant?  I can see this one looking great in just about any room…

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 You can buy burlap fabric at any local fabric store (Hobby Lobby, Hancock’s, WalMart, etc.) for around $3 a yard.  Go get your burlap!!! :)