Blind by the Bamboo

While we’re fresh on the subject of bamboo, I thought I would share one of my all time favorite window treatments… bamboo blinds!  My mom has always been a lover of bamboo blinds, so I began appreciating the look of bamboo shades at a very young age – maybe even before I knew I had a passion for interior design.  Just like bamboo, they look great in any room, no matter how formal or informal. 

Before I show you some fabulous pictures of rooms with bamboo blinds, I wanted to share my favorite resources.  Smith+Noble has excellent quality blinds and shades of a variety of natural materials.  They do custom sizes, bindings, linings, and operating mechanisms.  This is Mallory Mathison Inc.‘s source for natural fiber blinds/shades for our clients.  And they have turned out fabulous every time.  However, if you’re like me and you don’t have the pennies to pay for Smith+Noble, you can go to Lowes.  I’m not sure about the custom sizing at Lowes, but you’ll definitely be satisfied with the prices! :)


Ashley Whitaker [source]


Amber Interiors


Tom Scheerer


Mark Sikes [source]


Better Homes & Gardens


 A good example of how bamboo blinds can work even in a formal dining room.  [Tom Scheerer]


 Lisa Sherry in Lonny magazine [source]



Tom Scheerer


Mark Sikes’ home [source]




Elaine Giffin via Lonny










Better Homes & Gardens


Elaine Griffin [source]


Leslie Klotz


Mark Sikes’ home [source


Markham Roberts [source]


McAlpine Tankersly


Tom Scheerer


All other pictures from Pinterest



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