Golden Globes and Cuteness Alert!!!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to be one of those bloggers who gives fashion advice — I’m not even 100% confident with my own wardrobe so don’t feel capable of telling others what to wear / what not to wear…  However, I must say that Jessica Alba’s dress was sooo pretty last night at the Golden Globes.  And I am extremely accepting of Jennifer Lawrence’s dress (even though I gasped when I first saw the top portion!).



This picture disguises the irregularity of the top portion of the dress… but I’m sure if you google it you’ll see what I mean :)

While I was in Birmingham this weekend for a friend’s wedding I got to visit my adorable godson/cousin, James.  I couldn’t help myself — I had to share some pictures of his cuteness with you.  He’s such a beautiful baby!  Isn’t he the cutest? [WHY are these pictures to tiny???? Someone please tell me!]


My aunt Juju and me with James

Probably the cutest yawn I've ever witnessed

Probably the cutest yawn I’ve ever witnessed


Doesn't he look so happy with his favorite godmother?

Doesn’t he look so happy with his favorite godmother?

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