Yesterday, I went to a luncheon Ainsworth-Noah to check out Hodsoll McKenzie new collection of fabrics, “Lineage”.  Not only was the food delicious, the fabrics were pretty too!   Here is a taste of what I saw… 




My favorite fabric was definitely the one on the windows above, “Foster Damask”.  It is made of Jute and comes in several different colors. 

All of the upholstery fabrics were chenilles, which surprised me.  I guess chenille is making a comeback.

Hodsoll McKenzie isn’t usually so colorful.  But I loved seeing a little more color than usual in this collection – like the indigo blue fabrics above. 


 You can check out more about the fabrics on Zimmer + Rohde’s website.


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Antlers at Ainsworth


 I was in the Ainsworth Noah showroom yesterday at ADAC and I came across this vignette…

[ I CANNOT get this picture to be vertical… so tilt your head :) ]



If Ainsworth Noah is doing it, then it must be a fabulous… that just confirms that I need some antlers for my new apartment!  Preferably the fake kind.  And I think I like the white ones – maybe the ones from Ballard Design designed by Suzanne Kasler.  They are made of urethane.  The fake/white antlers will reassure visitors that I don’t actually go out and kill deer (or antelope or whatever animals these represent).




I also found these inspirational pictures… Loving that HUGE moose antler over the kitchen cabinets :)

Lonny August 2012


Elle Decor





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