Poured Concrete, Slate, or Brick Floors?

I am working on a project right now that involves choosing flooring for a client’s basement.  My client is having a hard time deciding between (you guessed it) stained poured concrete, slate tile, or brick.  For me it would be a no brainer, but I won’t say what I would choose… I’ll let you guess.

There are pros and cons to all three options.  Brick can be laid in a dozen different patterns; you can stain concrete so many different colors; and then slate comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Tough choice.  What would you do?

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10 thoughts on “Poured Concrete, Slate, or Brick Floors?

  1. Question on the brick: Does it get installed split faced or as a whole brick?

    I like the slate and the brick is my favorite!

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  2. I guess it really depends on what you’re doing with the rest of the space. I have a friend who just restored a Victorian house downtown and she did stained concrete floors in the basement and it looks amazing! Don’t think you could go wrong with any of these!

    • I agree! All three are great options — I would be happy with any of them, although it’s hard to beat a brick floor :)

      They decided to go with poured concrete — easier and less expensive… It will look great. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hello, I am considering replacing the ceramic tile in our mudroom (which is cracking everywhere) with brick pavers. Do you have any sources you use for purchasing brick pavers for inside installation? Just curious because this is not a common type of flooring for indoors. Thanks!

  4. Brick!!!!! I am working on a basement right now. My clients (thankfully!) chose a grey brick-looking tile that we are going to put in either a single basket weave or herringbone pattern. Love brick!

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