Trendy Tuesday

I’m so glad Monday is over.  I’m already looking forward to the weekend (I’m hosting my friends at my parents cabin again!).  Mallory Mathison Inc. seems to be very busy, as usual; and I am thankful, as usual :)…   But I’m still an advocate of a 4 day work week!

These are just some pretty pictures that I had to share.  I discovered them in various places in the blogging/social media world.   There’s no common thread here except that I love them and had to share them with you lucky people!


The Best Feelings in the World.  I would have to agree with most of these.  Especially the “crawling into bed after a long day”.


For some reason I looove this house.


summerfield - Kemble Interiors


Anne Irwin art gallery - Lynn Johnson



Love the fabric on this wing chair.  Not sure of the source though.


[click on images for sources]

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