New Runner and Good As New Chair

I finally got a runner for the long hallway in my apartment. I’m sure the people who live in the unit below me are grateful. What do y’all think? Black & white + Chevron = Love it! I got it from one of our vendors, but West Elm and Urban Outfitters have similar options.



I also wanted to share the miraculous restoration of a very broken chair. One of my brother’s friends leaned back in one of the dining chairs at my parents cabin and this happened:



But I took it to the Touch Up Guy here in Atlanta and he literally made it good as new! You can’t even tell it was ever broken. Impressive, isn’t it? He even put steel rods in it. Pretty much good as new:




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3 thoughts on “New Runner and Good As New Chair

  1. LOVE that chevron runner- seriously. I think one would look good in the retro pad – i’m not sure where it would go…. but I want, want want one in my house one of these days! Also, that chair fix up is amazing. worth it!!

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