Peek Inside Summerfield

Finally, after like 14 months of a blog called Summerfield, I’ve decided to give you a peek inside THE Summerfield.  For those of you who do not know (or those of you who have not read About Wheeler Lewis, which I just noticed I hadn’t been updated in over a year, oops!) I will fill you in.  The “Summerfield Road House”, as my family likes to call it, is a house in Selma, Alabama that has been in my mother’s family for over a century.

summerfield, Selma, Al

You can probably tell from the picture that nobody has lived in it in a while :).  We visit the house often and spend every Thanksgiving in it.  It will always be a very special place for my family.   My grandfather and great aunt grew up in the house.  When my mom and her four siblings were growing up, their grandmother lived in the house.  Sometimes they refer to it as “Granmama’s house” (with a very distinct small town Alabama accent).

Summerfield, Selma, AL

Kenan House Spring 2008[1]

I can’t wait for the daffodils to bloom!  So pretty.  Selma gets super hot in the summer time though.

Summerfield, Selma, AL

Above and below is a shot of the entry.  I was standing in the parlor when I took the picture.  The front door is to the right.  Straight ahead, you can see into the dining room.

Summerfield, Selma, AL

Summerfield, Selma, AL


This room has burn marks on the hardwood floors from where the Yankees tried to burn the house down in the Civil War.  Every time I bring friends to the house I lift up the rug and show them.  Pretty cool, huh?

Needless to say, the window treatments have all been around for a while!  And notice the paint colors?  I have no idea when was the last time it was painted, but it hasn’t been in the last 26 years (in my lifetime).

Summerfield, Selma, AL

Summerfield, Selma, AL

Summerfield, Selma, AL

Summerfield, Selma, AL


Baby blue walls, anyone?  I can honestly say that I never really noticed that the walls were baby blue until I started taking these pictures.

I’m not even sure what this type of window treatment is called?  They’re not curtains, but they’re not shades…

Summerfield, Selma, AL

Summerfield, Selma, AL

Summerfield, Selma, AL

All pictures taken by me on my mom’s fancy camera.

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9 thoughts on “Peek Inside Summerfield

  1. Hello niece Wheeler! After consulting with someone in-the-know about houses in this period, “Pop”, my father and your grandfather, chose the colors for the dining room and parlor. It seems these bright colors were what you used back then!

  2. OMG 14 months and that is all we get? I want more, much more there has to be so much to tell and see of this “American Treasure”. Personally I love the wall colors, you’ll have to find out when they were last painted. I’m zooming in on the architectural details, to get a better look. Some of the furnishings are to die for, and btw, the window treatments are swags and jabot. I’d love to know more about some of the portraits and landscape paintings I see. I hope this was just a teaser and you’ll share more; you could write a book!!

    • I knowww, I’m so bad! I meant to add that there will be more to come. These are definitely the most authentic rooms though. My uncle (my mom’s only brother) is the official owner of the home and has since put leather sofas in the living room, so be prepared for that! I will definitely post more pictures in the future. Thanks for informing me about the window treatments! I will fill you in on the paint colors. They were definitely popular for that period. This house is truly special for our family. Thanks so much for your interest!!!

  3. Just love it! So glad I’ve been fortunate enough to visit and enjoy a wonderful weekend in Selma with you! Hope to do it again soon ;)

  4. You’re right! You’ve just covered the ‘tip of the iceberg.’ FYI it’s been less than 30 years since the rooms were painted and before Pop moved in the house.

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