Lee Radziwell

For those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning, you are aware of my infatuation with Jackie Kennedy Onassis (really the whole Kennedy family).  Through all of my reading and learning about Jackie and her family, I honestly don’t know much about Lee Radziwell, her younger sister.  I’ve always thought that Lee was very private.  I was so excited to read T Magazine‘s article and interview of her (I heard about the article on Habitually Chic, one of my favorite blogs).  Lee and Jackie were pretty different, but they both have that timeless style about them.

I loved watching the video of her being interviewed.  I can’t believe she’s 79 years old.

Obviously, the best part was seeing her Paris apartment.





The view from Lee's Paris apartment... Not bad.

The view from Lee’s Paris apartment… Not bad.

All images via T Magazine.

If you want to read an awesome, informative post about Lee, check out Cote de Texas, where there are pictures of all of Lee’s homes over the years.  I love that she has kept so much of her furniture, accessories, and art over all these years.  It just confirms what Miles said.  Except I bet Lee didn’t cry when she bought the best.

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