Cornice Boards

After looking at all the chicness that is in The Big Book of Chic, I decided cornice boards are the most fabulous way to dress a window.  It took me a little longer than I expected to look at every single page of the book – but that’s why Miles named it The BIG Book of Chic instead of The Little Book of Chic.

I think a cornice board is a little too formal for my apartment right now, but maybe one day one of my many houses will feature some over the top cornice boards ;)

Miles Redd knows how to design fabulous cornice boards.  And I found evidence that other designers do too.  I can’t think of a more fabulous way to dress a window, can you?

By the way, the pictures now link the their sources.  I’m so high tech :)

Absolutely love all the green!!!

Nick Olsen in Veranda

That shape – LOVE

Traditional Home

The cornice board is bigger than the window.

Miles Redd

Carleton Varney

Some cornices don’t serve a purpose – they’re like jewelry for a window :)

So sweet for a little girls room

Love the contrast of the printed fabric and the solid Ivory fabric and tape trim…

I know you’ve probably seen this picture a thousand times before, but it needed to be in my “Cornice Boards” post [Elizabeth Dinkel via Veranda]

Miles Redd… of course. And yes, that is a closet.

Katie Ridder

Palmer Weiss

Simple, white, shaped cornice boards. You almost don’t even notice them. The first thing I noticed was that cool light fixture. And the black & white abstract art over the mantle.

Elle Decor

Miles Redd

If you like turquoise…

Unique shape.

And speaking of unique shapes! LOVE this eye candy. Miles Redd.

Palmer Weiss

Cornice close up

Elle Decor

Timothy Corrigan

Palmer Weiss

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5 thoughts on “Cornice Boards

  1. I also love cornice boards…I made a cornice using two curtain rods.The rods I used are just the white kind you can buy anywhere with curved ends. I used a heavy tapestry type fabric,and really just made a valance with a top and bottom rod pocket.I hung one rod at ceiling height,and the other slightly below the drapery rod,put the fabric on,and there was my cornice!

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