Sneak Peek: Thanksgiving 2012 at Summerfield

I took the time / remembered to take pictures of my Thanksgiving!  Yay me!  As always, the house looked absolutely gorgeous with silver goblets, tasteful flower arrangements, white linens and my family.  My aunts (and mother) and their help work hard each year to make Thanksgiving at Summerfield so special for my entire family EVERY year.  There were thirty four of us this year, which is a low number compared to years past.  In the past, we usually have close to fifty people for Thanksgiving lunch.  Each year I appreciate this house and this family more and more.  Thankful is an understatement! :)

These are some pictures from my iphone (and a few other people’s iphones), but I also took some pictures on my mom’s super nice camera that I will post as soon as I figure out how to upload the pictures to a computer, etc.  (which could be years from now, but hopefully not).

If you follow me on instagram (@wheelerlewis1) you may have already seen a few of these.

That is me holding my beautiful godson, James, who I just met for the first time!

I had to take a picture of the spanish moss.

James loves his godmother already :)

p.s. Roll Tide!!!!

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