Cheap Art Alert!

I was wasting time on Pinterest, looking at different blogs the other day when I discovered an amazing post from the blog Style by Emily Henderson.  The post was called Top 5 Most Affordable Online Art Sources.  I started clicking around and discovered so many bargains from the resources.  I couldn’t just keep that information all to myself — I had to share these great resources with YOU.  Here are some pieces that I found:

That is a framed and matted 1900 map of Paris from 20 x 200.  Framed and matted for $200?  You can’t find that just anywhere.  Oh and if you just want the map it’s $60.  What a bargain! 


I was very tempted to purchase the above framed photograph as a Christmas or birthday present for one of my Alabama fan family members.  Also, know that there are different frame options: black, white, natural, with or without a matte (I’ll take the matted white for my apartment, thanks).  [Animal Locomation] Also from 20 x 200.


These Embroidery Flowers by Emily Renouf would look so cute in a kitchen, bathroom, or children’s room.  At $25, how could you not buy?  [from Little Paper Planes]


Kristofer Mills Print 3


 Kristofer Mills Print 2.  The above two prints remind me of the abstract black and white drawings that I’m working on for my own apartment.  In a gallery wall together they would look so great and add just the right modern/abstract touch to a traditional interior.  For $65 and $35 repectively, all they need is a simple Hobby Lobby white frame and they’re ready to hang!



 Moving on to Mammoth & Company, we have Taryn Coulsons’ Cobalt Teal I acrylic painting.  The price is $350 for a 16 x 20 because this is an original painting.  How pretty are those blues?  Once again, an abstract piece like this would add just the right modern touch to a traditional space.  It is also available as an 8 x 10 print for $20!!!


I love the horse photographs by Troy Moth.  This is just one of the many available on Mammoth & Company’s website.  See more here and here.  Love the horses and I’m not even a “horse person”.


HOW cute is the giraffe above?  Seriously this doesn’t even have to go in a kid’s room – it’s a great conversation piece for just $18!  From Society 6.


History Lesson by Emily Rickard.  You can get it on a stretched canvas for $85 – no frame required!


Oh Deer by The Lepolas from The Calm Gallery.  15.5 x 21.5 for $28.63. 


And of course, Society 6 has my favorite poster, Keep Calm and Carry On, in a variety of colors ($28.63 each).  I love the grey one above because it’s so calm.


That’s all I have for now, but take a look yourself and see what you find :) 



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2 thoughts on “Cheap Art Alert!

  1. love the flowers and the blue chevron looking one!!! good finds wheeler! :) the flowers are so simple and colorful. love love love

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