The Great American House

Yesterday I went to ADAC to see Gil Schafer speak about his new book The Great American House.  For those who are not familiar, I encourage you to look at his work.  He is so talented.  I love that he consistently appreciates the history of architecture – whether he is working on a brand new home or a 200 year old home.  Even if the home is being built from the ground up, he designs it to look as if it were built decades ago.  And I LOVE old houses.  If I ever build a house (that’s a big IF), I will hire Gil Schafer to do the architecture.

Although he lives in New York now, his biggest inspiration was his grandmother’s home in Thomasville, Georgia – right down the road from Atlanta.  He talked about this a lot.  I thought that was very interesting.  He showed pictures of her sprawling estate that I so wish I could post on here.

He has also worked with Miles Redd on several projects.

Anyways, I can’t wait to dive into his book!  Here is a little taste of his work…

















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