Never too much tufting

The title of this post is pretty dumb but I really couldn’t think of anything else.  And it’s actually not even true because I think you CAN have too much tufting.  Obviously, you don’t want to have every piece of upholstery in a room tufted.

Anyway, I love tufted upholstery!  Here is a little compilation of why:

via Desire to Inspire


Why just tuft the headboard when you can tuft the entire bed? [via Georgiana Design]




Obsessed with this wall of tufting from House Beautiful.  The Greek Key tape trim is not bad either.


Jonathan Adler via Elle Decor





 Kelly Wearstler via Lonny


Lonny, August 2012


One of my favorite sofas EVER.


Estee Stanley via Lonny, August 2012


 Lynn Nigro via Lonny, Jan/Feb 2012


Love the feminine legs on this Thibaut chair.


 What’s not to love about that gorgeous blue velvet sofa? [Melissa Warner]


 Of course Miles Redd has a tufted RED velvet sectional sofa in his pink living room. [source]


 The Maxine sofa has tufting just on the back and sides [Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams]


Traditional Home


Obsessed with this banquette!  What a beauty.








All other images via Pinterest.



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