New light fixture?

I’m thinking of changing out the light fixture that is over the sink in my kitchen.  Why is it that I can make decisions for other people all day every day, but when it comes to making decisions for myself, I have to ask everyone I know and dwell on what to do until it’s too late?!?

Love this West Elm Globe Pendant.



Or their Industrial Pendant.  Isn’t it shocking that I would like something industrial?


I also like this Glass Jug Lantern from Shades of Light.  But it costs a little more than I want to spend… 


Renovators Harbor Pendant from Shades of Light is sadly too big and too expensive.  I think the Polished Nickel finish would look great though.


Mini Smoke Bell Semi-Flush Lantern from Shades of Light.  Not sure if a semi-flush bell jar would look right in that space though.


 With my track record, I’ll probably never be able to make a decision so the existing fixture will stay in place until my lease is up – oh well! :)

Needless to say, I’m never going to be satisfied unless I go with the beloved Hicks Pendant… 


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