Favorite Canopies

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, I wanted to share my favorite canopy beds.  Naturally, my favorite canopy beds are from my favorite interior design source, Oly Studio.  I mean, they are just beautiful…












Obviously, the names aren’t as fun as the names of John Robshaw’s headboards… But aren’t they gorgeous?  I don’t think I can pick a fave.  Maybe Diego.  No, Marco.  No, Walker.  Ugh, one of those three!

If you’re like me and you can’t even come close to affording an Oly canopy bed (don’t worry, most people can’t), you might consider Ballard Designs’ Louis XVI Poster Bed.  Although Louis sure does NOT look appealing after looking at Marco and Walker…


I think if I could fit a canopy in my bedroom and I just HAD to have one RIGHT NOW I would go with Anthropologie’s Italian Campaign canopy.  I feel like they’ve had this bed forever!  It’s only $1700 for a queen – a steal compared to those Oly beds above.


Anthropologie also has a Forest Canopy Bed.  I’m not too fond of the iron leaves and branches though… And the price is a little too steep for me.



NOIR has some pretty canopy beds too… like the Ferret Bed (what at terrible name!  I would NOT buy this just because of the name!  Can you tell I don’t like ferrets?)

 Ferret also comes in White Washed (below) and Weathered, which is kind of the color of a ferret (ew!)

 I think I like NOIR’s Venice bed.  Not just because of the name.


 And last but not least, Pottery Barn has a fantastic canopy bed, Antonia.  And I love that the headboard is upholstered!




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