Twin beds!

I love the way twin beds look in a room.  Symmetry is so captivating to me.  A room can be gorgeous, but if it is symmetical it can be twice as gorgeous.  Twin beds create symmetry, obviously.

House & Home


 Katie Ridder


 Southern Accents



 Elizabeth Dinkel via Veranda


via Decor Pad


Fieldstone Hill Design


 House & Home


Jackie Lanham



 Meg Braff


Southern Accents


Suzanne Rheinstein


Suzanne Tucker



 Tom Scheerer… my mom has that bedspread! Isn’t it cute? :)



 Melissa Rufty



Celerie Kemble 




Katie Ridder


I think the words at the bottom of the picture above pretty much sum it up the beauty of twin beds:

“Double the fun.  Symmetrical mirror image arrangements of furniture and accessories speak with quiet authority and keep you on the clean, serene path.”

If only I knew what magazine that was…  Damn Pinterest!


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3 thoughts on “Twins!

  1. I’ve been trying to find that Tom Scheerer bedspread for ages – can you please ask your mom who makes it and where she got it? Thank you!

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