Tin Roof

I love a tin roof.   Just like a lot of other things that I blog about, a tin roof gives a house an industrial look.  My parents new cabin has a tin roof.  When its raining, I can sleep forever under a tin roof.

Even Summerfield has a tin roof! :)

Now who can tell me which one of these is the Summerfield house?


Architectural Digest








Garden & Gun















Sources:   BBOnline, Sunset, Ferguson Shamamian, Remodelista, Dering Hall, and Urban Grace Interiors blog

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4 thoughts on “Tin Roof

  1. I KNOW I KNOW!!! third picture ;) – one of my favorite places!
    totally agree a tin roof makes for a perfect touch of charm and allows for quite a nice night of sleep.

  2. i think i’m due for an invitation to see this tin roof up close and personal, doniphan! i’ll even sing you a lullaby as you feel asleep listening to the rain on the roof. don’t be surprised if the lullaby goes a little something like this…”oh sleep now holy baby, with your head against my breast”. BLESSINGS TO YOU AND THE LEWIS FAM!!!! xoxoxox

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