Goal for the weekend: to not melt

The temperature in Atlanta is expected to be around 107 degrees this weekend… Shoot me now.  I am miserable in hot weather.  I literally melt.  I love the sun but not when it feels like I’m on fire.  You can find me inside in the air conditioning all weekend long.  Although I wish I could be enjoying the great outdoors.  What I wouldn’t give for a pool in my backyard to just sit in allll dayyy loooong.   But a pool might just feel like a hot tub in these scorching temperatures.  If I ever have a pool, I’ll be sure to look at these pictures as inspiration…

Eddie Lee via Lonny













And I’ll be drinking one (or like four) of these to forget about how insanely hot it is:

Watermelon Margarita via My Recipes


All pictures via Pinterest.

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2 thoughts on “Goal for the weekend: to not melt

  1. Amen, sista. I wish I was in Atlanta to enjoy one of those margaritas with you! Baton Rouge is just as scorching hot…not ok.

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