Chair Crush

I’ve always loved the Orkney Chair.  What’s not to love about a wood framed wing chair with a tall back made of natural fibers?  It can add a chic new dimension/feel to an otherwise boring room.

When I was preparing to write this post I googled “Orkney chair” (duh) and came to a website that informed me of the origin of the chair.  I never knew there was a special history behind the chair (silly me!).  Anyways, the Orkneys are a group of islands north of Scotland.  They’re located just south of the Shetlands.  Apparently trees don’t grow in the Orkneys because of the North Sea winds, which is why the people weave the backs of the chairs out of straw.  The wooden base of the chairs are made mostly from timbers that washed up on the shores from old shipwrecks, etc.  The tall back was supposed to protect Orcadians from the strong winds.  This popular chair design has been made for about 100 years!

It even comes in a bench and a rocking chair!!! :)

Phoebe Howard

How cute is the mini one?

Phoebe Howard

sources:  Thistle & Broom, Scapa Crafts, Orkney Chair Co UK, Alicia B Designs, Potter Wright & Webb

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