Goal for the weekend: to not melt

The temperature in Atlanta is expected to be around 107 degrees this weekend… Shoot me now.  I am miserable in hot weather.  I literally melt.  I love the sun but not when it feels like I’m on fire.  You can find me inside in the air conditioning all weekend long.  Although I wish I could be enjoying the great outdoors.  What I wouldn’t give for a pool in my backyard to just sit in allll dayyy loooong.   But a pool might just feel like a hot tub in these scorching temperatures.  If I ever have a pool, I’ll be sure to look at these pictures as inspiration…

Eddie Lee via Lonny













And I’ll be drinking one (or like four) of these to forget about how insanely hot it is:

Watermelon Margarita via My Recipes


All pictures via Pinterest.

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I’m pretty sure these were made for me…

If you missed the post where I confessed my undying love for green, this post is sort of an extension.  I’m in need of a new pair of lamps so my lamp radar is turned up high right now.  My green radar is always turned up high. Therefore, ever since I laid eyes on these lamps I haven’t been able to think about much else.  I want them, I need them…


source:  The Little Green Notebook


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Wallcoverings: Grasscloth

via The Handmade Home


Grasscloth is a great way to add texture/detail to walls without having to buy a funky, colorful wallpaper that you will get tired of after a couple of years.  I love that it is made of grass, a natural fiber, because it adds a simple, rustic feel to a room.  It’s natural! (kind of)

David Cafiero via Lonny



Hillary Thomas via Lonny

Elle Decor




Jamie Meares via Lonny


metallic grasscloth!






And Phillip Jeffries has the CUTEST printed grasscloths… but they’ll cost ya!

Jenkins Baer


Timothy Whelan 


Other sources: Pinterest

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Another wedding weekend…

I feel like I go to weddings, engagement parties, and showers every other weekend.  It’s exhausting…  But totally worth it!  I had so much fun in Spartanburg, South Carolina with so many great friends.  Congratulations, Garrett & Katie!

Please excuse the quality of the iphone pictures…

Pretty friends


My friends are very mature :)

Now back to reality…



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Hicks Obsession

I hate to point out the obvious, but Visual Comfort’s Hicks pendant light is perfection in the form of a light fixture.  There’s no doubt that Thomas O’Brien is a genius for designing such an awesome piece.  If I had a kitchen with an island, you can bet I would spend my savings on a pair of these gorgeous pendants.  The only problem is that I would never be able to decide what finish!  Antique Nickel, Polished Nickel, Antique Brass, OR Bronze with Brass!?! (I kind of think I would go with the Bronze with Brass).  The fixtures are available through Circa lighting stores.

Please excuse the repetition of pictures from a previous post – they were necessary :)

design by Ashli Mizell

sources:  Visual Comfort’s blog, and Pinterest

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Wood Paneled Walls

I love the look of walls made of horizontal paneled walls.  I’m not sure what the technical name for it is, but something like boarded walls, paneled walls, whatever… Anyways, my parents put several of these paneled walls in their enormous kitchen when they renovated it several years ago.  And now I’m obsessed!  I would hesitate to put a lot of art or furniture in front of such pretty wall.  They look so nice just naked.  It adds just the right amount of rustic charm.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Holly Mathis Interiors

Kay Douglass via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

 Lynn Morgan via House Beautiful

M Elle Design

 Susan Ferrier

sources:  Society Social, Thunder & Starlight, Self Architecture, Blue Print Bliss, Sporks & Stuff,

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Just for today… An all time fave

I’ve had this picture as the background on my computer for months and months. Usually my background pictures only last a few weeks. I just can’t seem to find a better one to replace it with. I think it’s the legs on the ottoman that attract me… But it could be the mirror… Or the boxwoods… Design by Celerie Kemble featured in Lonny.


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Riverbend Fireworks

I had to share this picture of an awesome fireworks show that I saw in my hometown, Chattanooga, on Saturday night. The fireworks show was on Saturday night, at the end of a week long music festival called Riverbend. Riverbend featured artists such as Eric Church, Goo Goo Dolls, The Band Perry, Foreigner, and many many more. Obviously, I didn’t get to go to the festival because I was working in Atlanta all week, but I’ve been plenty of times in years past. I did get to see the fireworks on Saturday night though. Anyways, I love my hometown and I just had to share this gorgeous picture on the blog. I found it on the festival’s website here. You can see more pictures at Nooga.com.


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Chair Crush

I’ve always loved the Orkney Chair.  What’s not to love about a wood framed wing chair with a tall back made of natural fibers?  It can add a chic new dimension/feel to an otherwise boring room.

When I was preparing to write this post I googled “Orkney chair” (duh) and came to a website that informed me of the origin of the chair.  I never knew there was a special history behind the chair (silly me!).  Anyways, the Orkneys are a group of islands north of Scotland.  They’re located just south of the Shetlands.  Apparently trees don’t grow in the Orkneys because of the North Sea winds, which is why the people weave the backs of the chairs out of straw.  The wooden base of the chairs are made mostly from timbers that washed up on the shores from old shipwrecks, etc.  The tall back was supposed to protect Orcadians from the strong winds.  This popular chair design has been made for about 100 years!

It even comes in a bench and a rocking chair!!! :)

Phoebe Howard

How cute is the mini one?

Phoebe Howard

sources:  Thistle & Broom, Scapa Crafts, Orkney Chair Co UK, Alicia B Designs, Potter Wright & Webb

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Naked Brick

I love the look of an exposed brick wall (or walls).  Theres something about the industrial feel of brick.  I’ll take it on walls, floors, painted or exposed!

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles






 Country Living

And my personal favorite:

 LOVE that window!!!

sources:  Better Homes & Gardens, Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge, Dwellings, Mix & Chic, Poppy Talk, That Kind of Woman

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