mirror, mirror, all over the wall

via Le Seur Interiors blog

I love a mirrored accent wall.  Especially antique mirror.  Especially square tiles like the one above.

Mirrors make a room look and feel bigger.  Bigger mirror = “bigger” room.  Mirrored backsplashes are great for tiny kitchens because they make it seem a little bigger.  And in most cases, a mirrored backsplash is less expensive than a tile backsplash.

When in doubt, just cover your walls with mirrors!

Tracery Interiors

Todd Alexander Romano

Thomas O’Brien via Domino



 Ann Sacks’ mirrored subway tiles

Miles Redd

Bunny Williams

Celerie Kemble via Lonny



 Celerie Kemble via Lonny




Kelly Wearstler via Lonny

 Love the details on these mirrored panels:



Thomas O’Brien

 Tracery Interiors


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