Green Thumb Envy

My roommate has planted a vegetable garden in our backyard and it is growing like crazy!  I am so impressed with her patience and green thumb!  I can’t wait to eat tomatoes and cucumbers from it.  She’s growing all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  I’ve taken progress pictures so I’ll share them when the first tomato sprouts.  From the looks of it, that could be any day now!  Way to go, Mary Claire :)

I’m jealous that I can’t grow a beautiful flowers in our backyard and front yard.  Like I’ve said before, I can’t even keep an orchid alive for more than a couple of weeks.  One day I’ll just pay a landscaper to make my yard look like one of these…

Designer Robin Belle’s gazebo via House Beautiful


Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

I love vines growing on houses.  My mom is growing a vine on our house in Chattanooga and it looks great!  Maybe I will inherit her green thumb :)


Everything Fab 


 French Essence


 Desde My Ventana


Bella Pollen’s English country house


 Verdigris Vie




House & Home 


 Martha Stewart


Jill Sharp Brinson’s gazebo via House Beautiful 


Martha Stewart 







I love a cute window box!


And last but not least… Elizabeth Locke’s farmhouse:

via Architectural Digest

Yep, my yard will look just like Elizabeth Locke’s farmhouse.  

Does anyone want to refer a good landscaper?





4 thoughts on “Green Thumb Envy

  1. I feel the same way!! Maybe one day we will gain the patience needed and also inherit green thumbs from our moms ;) Also, a little secret I found about orchids (I’ve kept mine for almost four months now!) I just give it one to two ice cubes a week, so easy!

    • OMG 4 months! Wow, Viv! Sounds like you inherited Cindy’s green thumb. I will have to try that one. I tried one ice cube a week but I think that must not have been enough… Just got to Charleston and missing you!

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