West Elm

I’m not sure if it is my modern furniture phase, but I’ve noticed that West Elm has been offering some exceptionally chic furniture lately!  Even better is the way they showcase it on their website.  In the picture above, I LOVE those white washed paneled walls!  Where do they take these photographs?  I could totally picture myself living in them…

Hands down, the best part about West Elm is that it’s AFFORDABLE.  Let’s go shopping!

Love these rustic storage tables – side tableconsole, and coffee table.  Hidden storage space is always nice.  And those steel legs add to the rustic beauty.

The Zigzag dhurrie rugs have always been favorites of mine.  And you can’t beat the price.  The contrast trim adds a touch of color.  A zigzag rug could liven up a simple/boring room so easily.  For example:

And how bout that amazing cluster glass pendant?  I absolutely love it.  It’s like a knock off Lindsey Adelman fixture.  You may have heard me mention her before (sarcasm).  You can get the look of a Lindsey Adelman fixture for literally a small fraction of the price at West Elm.

Have always been obsessed with this Hand-blocked Leaf quilt.  Seriously, if I hadn’t just gotten amazing new pillow shams, I would totally go for this quilt.

I always love a good cowhide rug!

And now a few more inspirational pictures of what West Elm has to offer…

Iznik Dhurrie Rug

Souk rug — an interpretation of a Moroccan rug.  Once again, for a small fraction of the price.

Faceted Mirror Side Table

Terracotta Table Lamp

Check out West Elm‘s website for more steals!  You might be surprised…


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