Sets & the Pretty

I watched the Sex & the City movie for the millionth time this weekend and was reminded how much I like the set design.  Modern furniture and design has been catching my eye a lot lately.   I wouldn’t consider this to be extremely modern, but the colors and furniture are a little more modern than what I’m used to being drawn to.

Gotta love the penthouse that Carrie and Big looked at in the beginning of the movie.


I like the chests in the Vogue office scene above — very Dorothy Draper

Charlotte’s bright white kitchen.  I wish there was a better picture of that roman shade in the background.  The cute pink tassel trim is very feminine.

The blue color of the walls is refreshing.  This is after Carrie redecorates her apartment. Notice the gallery wall over the bed ;)

The blue paint color continues into her closet.  I’m not a fan of the rug but the pendant lights are fun.  I would give anything to play around in Carrie Bradshaw’s closet for a day.

This is probably my favorite picture of the movie set.  That light fixture is amazing!!!  It looks like a Lindsey Adelman fixture.

Carrie & Big’s bedroom.   I love the Lee Jofa wallpaper with the paneling.  And that desk is gorgeous.  Notice the ruffled trim on the curtains too.

Pattern on pattern.  Interesting.

Those lamps.  That mirror.  Love.

Funky dining room and kitchen.

And lastly, the living room.  I wish I could’ve found better pictures, but these will do.  I’m sure everyone has seen the movies, but if you haven’t, you must!

Maybe one day I’ll do the interior design on a movie set…

P.S.  Is the title of my post clever or cheesy?  :)

Sources: Elle Decor, Casa Sugar, Tilton Fenwick, Greige, Emily’s Anthology, La Dolce Vita


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