Defining Luxury: Jeffrey Bilhuber

Defining Luxury is the other book I have by Jeffrey Bilhuber.  Like I said, it’s very different from The Way Home.  The rooms are “done up” a little more for the pictures (but not too much!).   I love his use of color and details in this book.  Lacquered finishes, tape trims, high impact artwork, over the top window treatments, nailheads and layered textiles on every page.  But he is also all about function.  He designs spaces based on how the client is going to use it.

Details + Details + Details = LUXURY.  Jeffrey is a rockstar at details in this book.  And I love it.  These pictures do NOT do it justice.  Buy the book, people!  :)  Even if you don’t like it, it will look gorgeous on your coffee table.  Defining Luxury is available on Amazon for $40.95.

The above sitting area is in his son’s nursery.  He’s one lucky two year old.  Those upholstered stools and that artwork are so chic!

Check out that enormous painting in the dining room above.  Gorgeous + over the top.  LOVE it.  And those bright green dining chairs with the contrast yellow buttons and piping.  Obsessed.  Jeffrey Bilhuber is fearless and genius.


One thought on “Defining Luxury: Jeffrey Bilhuber

  1. love that fabric on the windows, sofa and chair in the second picture.
    love your post, too. love you. good job.
    plus, you’ve made it so much easier now to subscribe to your B.L.O.G.

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