The Way Home: Jeffrey Bilhuber

Jeffrey Bilhuber is one of my favorite interior designers.  It would be very difficult to choose my all time favorite designer, but Jeffrey is definitely in the top five.    I have two of the books that he has written:  The Way Home and Defining Luxury.  I love both of them, but they’re very different.  The Way Home can be purchased on Amazon for $37.80.  When you look at the pictures, you’ll notice that it’s not like most interior design books…

The rooms are not “done up” for the photographs.  The furniture and accessories are a little bit disheveled, as if it were any other day and they were not being photographed for an interior design book.  It looks like Jeffrey threw the pillows around the living rooms and a group of teenagers just stood up from eating at the dining room tables before the pictures were taken.   The rooms don’t look cold and delicate like they do in most interior design magazines and books.  I love that he set them up this way because it makes the rooms seem more realistic – because they are real!  He is all about the reality of a space.  You can see in the cover picture above that there are leaves all over the living room floor.  After looking at the book, it made me think “why don’t all designers photograph spaces like this?” It is the way the interiors were meant to function, anyway.

Yes, that is a camel in someone’s living room that was decorated by a renown designer.  Veryyyy realistic, right?

Tune in for some highlights of Jeffrey’s book Defining Luxury


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