Dark Rooms

Lauren Nelson via Front & Main

There’s something so attractive about a room that is painted a dark gray or blue color.  I’m not sure if everyone would agree with me, but I think every house should have a room painted a dark gray, dark blue, or black to add some drama.  I LOVE the way pictures look hung on a dark painted wall – they stand out and add to the drama.  For example, in the picture above, that white lamp wouldn’t be nearly as stunning if the walls were painted beige.

By the way, the picture above is from Front & Main, a blog by West Elm.  I had NO idea West Elm even had a blog!  And I thought I’d seen every interior design blog on the world wide web…  I spent way too much time on their blog today, scoping it out.  I highly recommend you do the same!  West Elm has some GREAT things to offer, and they do not break the bank!

The stair treads and moulding in the picture above are probably painted in a high gloss paint… can we say drama?

House & Home

I was struck by the green fabric on that wing chair in the picture above – so cute!

via Curated Style

See what I mean about the artwork looking so much better against a dark painted wall?!?

Miles Redd via Elle Decor… After this post I’m going to make a conscious effort to cut back on the Miles Redd pictures (…yea right!!)

Notice in the picture above that even the moulding is painted the same dark color.  LOVE the way that creates shadows that accentuate the architectural detail.   Do not paint your paneling a contrast white color – in most cases, it looks so 80s!!!!  A library or a dining room are ideal rooms to turn into “dark rooms” because in most cases they are not used on a daily basis and they usually feature plenty of moulding.  Dark colors are soothing and relaxing, believe it or not.

Navy Blue + orange = perfection

Dayka Robinson via Front & Main

Jeffrey Bilhuber.  Best part of this picture is Jackie O (duh!)

Celerie Kemble’s latest book… HIGHLY recommended

Todd Alexander Romano.  I think the walls are lacquered.

Jeffrey Bilhuber

That green tiger print fabric on the chair above is DELICIOUS.  Walls are lacquered for sure.

via Lonny mag

Miles Redd

I can almost see my reflection in those lacquered walls.

Jeffrey Bilhuber

Todd Alexander Romano

Celerie Kemble via Front & Main

I CANNOT get enough of those bamboo blinds in that black powder room…

Mark D. Sikes

I could stare at this black bathroom by Mark Sikes ALL. DAY. LONG.

The above room by Jeffrey Bilhuber is painted Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue (HC-156):

I  hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! XO


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