Gallery Wall

I recently did a gallery wall of framed artwork in my bedroom.  I love it.  I was actually very impressed with myself.  I had thought about it and talked about it for about six months before I finally made myself do it.  I was sort of nervous because I didn’t want to put a million holes in my walls and I wasn’t exactly sure how it would end up looking.  I’ve hung art/pictures hundreds of times, but not in a large grouping of frames.  It was comforting to know that it was MY room and not a client’s.

I really love gallery walls.  I think they add a lot of character to a room.  There are so many different directions to go when it comes to gallery walls.  Frames can be exactly the same size and color, or random sizes and finishes, and everything in between.  I prefer for the sizes and finishes to be different.  I like for the frames to be hung randomly and not aligned with each other.

Robert Passal

via Pure Style Home

Charlotte Moss’s office

The picture above is in the JCrew men’s store on Madison Avenue in New York City.  Via House & Home

This is my bedroom… Just kidding!!! – it’s Miles Redd’s work :)


Robert Passal

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Lulu Powers via Lonny magazine

Country Living

A hallway is a GREAT place to hang a lot of artwork.

Elle Decor

Ashley Putnam via Lonny Magazine

Courtney Giles

House & Home

LOVE the Hermes blanket above :)

via Pink Wallpaper

Southern Accents

Kate Spade’s home

Lonny magazine

via Design Sponge

House Beautiful

Jonathan Adler

Miles Redd — LOVE those cork walls

via Pink Wallpaper

Minnie Mortimer’s apartment via Elements of Style

Nate Berkus — notice how gorgeous the art looks against those lacquered blue walls!!!  LOVE.

And last but not least…

(or maybe least…) my room!  What do you think?  All of the framed artwork/prints/paintings were either given to me or cost next to nothing.  The orange and blue matted pastels (upper left hand corner and lower right hand corner) were actually drawings that my dad did in like Kindergarten!  I found them already framed in my parents attic.  When you’re on a budget you have to be resourceful, people!

And yes, that is my diploma in the mix… I liked the frame :)


5 thoughts on “Gallery Wall

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  2. Thank you for showing us some stunning gallery walls! I am only buying original art for my home and over the last 2 years have collected a nice mix of oils, pastels, linocuts, watercolours and more to adorn my walls – this post inspires me to keep on adding!

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