At Home with Mallory Mathison Glenn

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of having cocktails with my employer, Mallory Mathison Glenn, in her Atlanta condo.  I’ve been working for Mallory Mathison Inc. for almost three years now (Wow! Time flies!) and I knew when I started my blog that I wanted to do a post about her condo. 

Mallory lives in Buckhead with her husband Rob and their shitzu Mr. Henry.  That’s right, Mister Henry, with an emphasis on the Mister.  Henry is such a little prince, he insisted on getting in on the photoshoot:

But that’s why we love him :)

The Glenns condominium is fairly small with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in an older building on Peachtree Road.  The building has so much charm and history, which I’m sure is one of the reasons it appealed to Mallory when she bought it several years ago.  Mallory and Rob plan to move one day in the near future, so I’m glad I got to capture these pictures before they found a house!

I love the chocolate brown stripes in her living room!

Grasscloth around the fireplace.

Stocked bar :)

A lot of the art is by Mallory’s mother, Montaigne Mathison, who is just as talented as Mallory.

A vignette in in the kitchen.

The TINY guest bedroom, a.k.a. Rob’s man cave.  Not surprisingly, I’m obsessed with that green Imperial Trellis headboard!

The second bedroom used to serve as the office for Mallory Mathison Inc. when she first started the business.  You can see the logo that her mom painted above the fireplace.

Powder room.  I gave her that greek key guest towel :) – how cute does it look with the wallpaper?  By the way, this was probably the smallest bathroom I’ve ever been inside.  This is the best picture I could get.

Mallory and Rob’s bedroom.  You can see Mr. Henry’s bed in the corner, which he does not sleep in.  Guess where he sleeps? :)

Last but not least, Mallory’s bathroom.  That is Schumacher’s Shantung Silhouette wallpaper on the walls – isn’t it fabulous? It is going to be hard  for her to leave behind when they move.  It’s one of my favorites!



Sets & the Pretty

I watched the Sex & the City movie for the millionth time this weekend and was reminded how much I like the set design.  Modern furniture and design has been catching my eye a lot lately.   I wouldn’t consider this to be extremely modern, but the colors and furniture are a little more modern than what I’m used to being drawn to.

Gotta love the penthouse that Carrie and Big looked at in the beginning of the movie.


I like the chests in the Vogue office scene above — very Dorothy Draper

Charlotte’s bright white kitchen.  I wish there was a better picture of that roman shade in the background.  The cute pink tassel trim is very feminine.

The blue color of the walls is refreshing.  This is after Carrie redecorates her apartment. Notice the gallery wall over the bed ;)

The blue paint color continues into her closet.  I’m not a fan of the rug but the pendant lights are fun.  I would give anything to play around in Carrie Bradshaw’s closet for a day.

This is probably my favorite picture of the movie set.  That light fixture is amazing!!!  It looks like a Lindsey Adelman fixture.

Carrie & Big’s bedroom.   I love the Lee Jofa wallpaper with the paneling.  And that desk is gorgeous.  Notice the ruffled trim on the curtains too.

Pattern on pattern.  Interesting.

Those lamps.  That mirror.  Love.

Funky dining room and kitchen.

And lastly, the living room.  I wish I could’ve found better pictures, but these will do.  I’m sure everyone has seen the movies, but if you haven’t, you must!

Maybe one day I’ll do the interior design on a movie set…

P.S.  Is the title of my post clever or cheesy?  :)

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Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of my favorite flower.   Peonies also happen to be Jackie Kennedy’s favorite flower.  My dream is to one day grow peonies in my yard… It would be quite an accomplishment because I can’t even keep an orchid alive for more than a few weeks (I’ve already killed two in 2012).  Here are some gorgeous pics of my fave flower!  I especially love the hot pink ones :)

Sources:  Apartment Therapy, Bouquet Bridal, source, Guest of a Guest, Lauren Conrad, and Pinterest

Defining Luxury: Jeffrey Bilhuber

Defining Luxury is the other book I have by Jeffrey Bilhuber.  Like I said, it’s very different from The Way Home.  The rooms are “done up” a little more for the pictures (but not too much!).   I love his use of color and details in this book.  Lacquered finishes, tape trims, high impact artwork, over the top window treatments, nailheads and layered textiles on every page.  But he is also all about function.  He designs spaces based on how the client is going to use it.

Details + Details + Details = LUXURY.  Jeffrey is a rockstar at details in this book.  And I love it.  These pictures do NOT do it justice.  Buy the book, people!  :)  Even if you don’t like it, it will look gorgeous on your coffee table.  Defining Luxury is available on Amazon for $40.95.

The above sitting area is in his son’s nursery.  He’s one lucky two year old.  Those upholstered stools and that artwork are so chic!

Check out that enormous painting in the dining room above.  Gorgeous + over the top.  LOVE it.  And those bright green dining chairs with the contrast yellow buttons and piping.  Obsessed.  Jeffrey Bilhuber is fearless and genius.

The Way Home: Jeffrey Bilhuber

Jeffrey Bilhuber is one of my favorite interior designers.  It would be very difficult to choose my all time favorite designer, but Jeffrey is definitely in the top five.    I have two of the books that he has written:  The Way Home and Defining Luxury.  I love both of them, but they’re very different.  The Way Home can be purchased on Amazon for $37.80.  When you look at the pictures, you’ll notice that it’s not like most interior design books…

The rooms are not “done up” for the photographs.  The furniture and accessories are a little bit disheveled, as if it were any other day and they were not being photographed for an interior design book.  It looks like Jeffrey threw the pillows around the living rooms and a group of teenagers just stood up from eating at the dining room tables before the pictures were taken.   The rooms don’t look cold and delicate like they do in most interior design magazines and books.  I love that he set them up this way because it makes the rooms seem more realistic – because they are real!  He is all about the reality of a space.  You can see in the cover picture above that there are leaves all over the living room floor.  After looking at the book, it made me think “why don’t all designers photograph spaces like this?” It is the way the interiors were meant to function, anyway.

Yes, that is a camel in someone’s living room that was decorated by a renown designer.  Veryyyy realistic, right?

Tune in for some highlights of Jeffrey’s book Defining Luxury

White Kitchens

This weekend I went home to Chattanooga for the Junior League’s “Tour du Jour”.  There were six different kitchens featured on the tour in different areas of Chattanooga.  Seeing such a variety of styles made me realize how much I really love a plain WHITE kitchen. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love a pretty blue or green kitchen, but if I could renovate my own kitchen, I would definitely go with pure white.  Marble countertops, hardwood floors, and industrial light fixtures are added bonuses.  If you look at these pictures, I’m sure you would agree!

Phoebe Howard

Pamela Jiminez



Ruard Veltman via House Beautiful

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles






Phoebe Howard


Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles



Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles




Phoebe Howard

Architectural Digest

Miles Redd



Darryl Carter




sources: Habitually Chic, Bradford Ave, Houzz, Modern Grace, A Life’s Design, Litchfield Designs, Pinterest

Greek Key

The Greek key is probably my favorite motif used in decorating. defines the greek key as “an ornamental pattern consisting of repeated vertical and horizontal lines (often in relief)”.  I would define it as one of the most popular ornaments used in interior design in ANY form your heart desires.  Here are some pictures that show all the different ways to incorporate the greek key into decorating a home…

Greek key tile via Lonny magazine

Greek key chair seats.  Design by Christian Leone via Lonny

Amanda Nisbet via House Beautiful


Greek key moulding.  Interior designed by Victoria Hagan.



Greek key carpet.  Design by Katie Ridder

And now for some furniture and accessories that YOU can have in your home to bring in the greek key motif…

Grecian jute pillows from Wisteria

Visual Comfort’s Abbot sconce designed by Alexa Hampton.  Available through Circa Lighting.

Cyan Design’s Bamboo Gold mirror available at WalMart for $482.

Jonathan Adler’s Greek key dinnerware available at Neiman Marcus.

William Sonoma‘s Greek key bedding.  On sale now for a steal!!

We recently ordered a pair of these nightstands through World’s Away for a little girls room.

Add some character to your pillows or curtains with one of these greek key tape trim from MJ Trimmings.  Available in about a dozen different colors for just $7.98/yard!

I love this gold Athena table from Interior HomeScapes.  Would be perfect as a small cocktail table.

Linen throw pillow from Shades of Light.

LOVE this headboard.  Nailheads in the shape of Greek keys.  Octavia headboard from Serena and Lily.

Matouk’s Arcadia throw blankets.  They’re so soft!

Trina Turk designed this greek key rug available through Layla Grace for just $160 for a 3 x 5.  Also available in Blue and Pink.

Visual Comfort’s Kate table lamp designed by Alexa Hampton.  Available at Circa Lighting.

So many ways to incorporate the classic Greek key!

Have a great weekend!

Dark Rooms

Lauren Nelson via Front & Main

There’s something so attractive about a room that is painted a dark gray or blue color.  I’m not sure if everyone would agree with me, but I think every house should have a room painted a dark gray, dark blue, or black to add some drama.  I LOVE the way pictures look hung on a dark painted wall – they stand out and add to the drama.  For example, in the picture above, that white lamp wouldn’t be nearly as stunning if the walls were painted beige.

By the way, the picture above is from Front & Main, a blog by West Elm.  I had NO idea West Elm even had a blog!  And I thought I’d seen every interior design blog on the world wide web…  I spent way too much time on their blog today, scoping it out.  I highly recommend you do the same!  West Elm has some GREAT things to offer, and they do not break the bank!

The stair treads and moulding in the picture above are probably painted in a high gloss paint… can we say drama?

House & Home

I was struck by the green fabric on that wing chair in the picture above – so cute!

via Curated Style

See what I mean about the artwork looking so much better against a dark painted wall?!?

Miles Redd via Elle Decor… After this post I’m going to make a conscious effort to cut back on the Miles Redd pictures (…yea right!!)

Notice in the picture above that even the moulding is painted the same dark color.  LOVE the way that creates shadows that accentuate the architectural detail.   Do not paint your paneling a contrast white color – in most cases, it looks so 80s!!!!  A library or a dining room are ideal rooms to turn into “dark rooms” because in most cases they are not used on a daily basis and they usually feature plenty of moulding.  Dark colors are soothing and relaxing, believe it or not.

Navy Blue + orange = perfection

Dayka Robinson via Front & Main

Jeffrey Bilhuber.  Best part of this picture is Jackie O (duh!)

Celerie Kemble’s latest book… HIGHLY recommended

Todd Alexander Romano.  I think the walls are lacquered.

Jeffrey Bilhuber

That green tiger print fabric on the chair above is DELICIOUS.  Walls are lacquered for sure.

via Lonny mag

Miles Redd

I can almost see my reflection in those lacquered walls.

Jeffrey Bilhuber

Todd Alexander Romano

Celerie Kemble via Front & Main

I CANNOT get enough of those bamboo blinds in that black powder room…

Mark D. Sikes

I could stare at this black bathroom by Mark Sikes ALL. DAY. LONG.

The above room by Jeffrey Bilhuber is painted Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue (HC-156):

I  hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! XO

Raoul Textiles



One of my all time favorite fabric lines is Raoul Textiles.  Ever since I feasted my eyes on those gorgous wing samples in Grizzel & Mann at ADAC, I’ve been in love.

Almost all of their fabrics are made of the most beautiful printed linen (a lot of them come in silk too).  They also just came out with a line of outdoor fabric based on their popular indoor patterns:


You’ll notice in these pictures that almost all of the fabrics are bright and colorful with striking patterns.  They’re even more gorgeous in person.  You can tell that they’re very well made — and the quality shows in the price too!  It’s nice to dream though…  One day I’ll have a whole house filled with Raoul Textiles!





Bedroom above designed by Suzanne Rheinstein via Flower magazine

 Urban Grace Interiors blog

Jeffrey Bilhuber via Elle Decor

George Smith designed a series of prints for Raoul, shown in the picture above via Maison 21.

via Elle Decor



Some of their prints are only appropriate for beach houses.

 design by Palmer Weiss

The Raoul Textiles retail store (pictured above) is located in Santa Barbara, California.  The textiles are featured in showrooms throughout the country.  Available through designers only.