An All Time Fave

I’m so excited about sharing one of my all time favorite apartments!  House Beautiful is arguably my favorite magazine EVER.  When it comes in the mail, I literally savor it and try to read it as slowly as I can so that it lasts longer.  Which is nearly impossible because every issue excites me like a kid in a candy store.  No exaggeration here.

Anyways, in the July/August 2011 issue, they focused on “Living Large in Small Spaces”.  One of the “small spaces” featured is designed by Nick Olsen.  Nick decorated his friend photographer Rebecca Phillips’ studio apartment in Brooklyn.  The apartment is a teensy tiny 295 square feet.  Yes, you read that correctly:  295 square feet!!!!!!!  So all this chic goodness is fit into a room the size of a school bus.  And I love every inch of it.

Nick is a big fan of DIY projects.  The chevron painted chest and the plaid painted backsplash are two of the DIY projects he did for this particular apartment.  My goal is to do more DIY projects.  They save so much money, and people end up appreciating the results even more because they’re unique and they put forth effort.

I also have to mention that Nick used to work for Miles Redd.  If you know Miles’ style you can see why they would work well together.  Miles is a genius – we would totally be BFF if only he met me :).  Same goes for Nick.

These pleated ruffle curtains make my heart skip a beat.  They are a Miles Redd trademark too.

The sofa was bought on eBay.  But it looks very similar to this one from IKEA.

That green leopard pillow kills me.  I need one.

I wish had had bigger/better pictures of this apartment, but for some reason they were very difficult to find…


3 thoughts on “An All Time Fave

  1. I think that the NYT ran a feature on this same apartment – check it out for more photos! I remember being so impressed by the use of space. xx

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