Jackie O

It took me WAY too long to write this post.  I wanted it to be as perfect as Jackie… Well, that’s just not going to happen!

I am a huge fan of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, or “Jackie O”, as I like to call her.  She will never cease to fascinate me.  I often ask myself “What would Jackie do?” 

I love reading about her, watching documentaries about her, and even talking about her…  Recently my mom gave me this book for Christmas:

I love it because its “her life in pictures”.  Looking at pictures of her is more fun than just reading about her.  Jackie is mermerizing to look at because she’s so graceful and stylish — and this books makes it easy to look at her a lot!  Who doesn’t love looking at her????  To me, she is the epitome of a classic female American icon.  Now lets look at some pictures of her life in style:


Here she is looking chic in this silk peach colored dress while visiting India.  Very few people look good in peach!



I love her in this bright yellow silk gown.  She wasn’t afraid to wear bright colors even though she was surrounded by politicians in black suits all the time.  This picture is a perfect example.



I love this pink dress.  I think this has to be my favorite picture of her.  Talk about a bright color.




Jackie’s inaugural gown:




I really love this picture of her casually dressed (stepping out to go shopping, perhaps?)


Jackie with her sister, Lee; they had a very close relationship




OBSESSED with this green dress she wore on a visit to Cambodia.  







With her sister Lee again:


With her second husband, Aristotle Onassis:

There are so many pictures of her with those tradmark sunglasses.  I think she wore them to try to disguise herself from the paparazzi that constantly followed her.  

I’m not sure I like this pair of sunglasses though…




 I have to include a shout out to my aunt Juju because we both share a love for Jackie.  Here is a picture of Juju and me in front of a restaurant called “Jackie O” that happened to be right next to our hotel in Rome, Italy.  Unfortunately, we did not go inside… I’m sure it is great though!

are we tourists or what? 




5 thoughts on “Jackie O

  1. This all started in the grove at an Alabama vs. Ole Miss when you commented that the Milly dress you had on reminded you of Jackie O…then she started popping up EVERYWHERE-her image was in the Andy Warhol exhibit we visited at the Grand Palais in Paris then we came across that disco named Jackie O’s in Rome next to our hotel in Paris. She truly, truly is an icon of fashion and American style! Aunt Juju

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