Boxwood Topiaries

Everyone should have at least one boxwood topiary in their home.  The more, the better.  They add a touch of foliage to a room.  They also make great gifts, especially for people who seem to have everything.  You will also see that they work in any style of room, from traditional to modern:

Little Green Notebook

Mallory Mathison Inc.

My favorite place to buy boxwoods is none other than Boxwoods in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.  They have a great selection of topiaries in different shapes, sizes, and canisters.

All other images via Pinterest.  Follow me on pinterest:


7 thoughts on “Boxwood Topiaries

  1. What a perfect 1st post! Except, I think there needs to be a pic of 3254’s collection of boxwoods to demonstrate your love.

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