An All Time Fave

I’m so excited about sharing one of my all time favorite apartments!  House Beautiful is arguably my favorite magazine EVER.  When it comes in the mail, I literally savor it and try to read it as slowly as I can so that it lasts longer.  Which is nearly impossible because every issue excites me like a kid in a candy store.  No exaggeration here.

Anyways, in the July/August 2011 issue, they focused on “Living Large in Small Spaces”.  One of the “small spaces” featured is designed by Nick Olsen.  Nick decorated his friend photographer Rebecca Phillips’ studio apartment in Brooklyn.  The apartment is a teensy tiny 295 square feet.  Yes, you read that correctly:  295 square feet!!!!!!!  So all this chic goodness is fit into a room the size of a school bus.  And I love every inch of it.

Nick is a big fan of DIY projects.  The chevron painted chest and the plaid painted backsplash are two of the DIY projects he did for this particular apartment.  My goal is to do more DIY projects.  They save so much money, and people end up appreciating the results even more because they’re unique and they put forth effort.

I also have to mention that Nick used to work for Miles Redd.  If you know Miles’ style you can see why they would work well together.  Miles is a genius – we would totally be BFF if only he met me :).  Same goes for Nick.

These pleated ruffle curtains make my heart skip a beat.  They are a Miles Redd trademark too.

The sofa was bought on eBay.  But it looks very similar to this one from IKEA.

That green leopard pillow kills me.  I need one.

I wish had had bigger/better pictures of this apartment, but for some reason they were very difficult to find…


Jackie O

It took me WAY too long to write this post.  I wanted it to be as perfect as Jackie… Well, that’s just not going to happen!

I am a huge fan of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, or “Jackie O”, as I like to call her.  She will never cease to fascinate me.  I often ask myself “What would Jackie do?” 

I love reading about her, watching documentaries about her, and even talking about her…  Recently my mom gave me this book for Christmas:

I love it because its “her life in pictures”.  Looking at pictures of her is more fun than just reading about her.  Jackie is mermerizing to look at because she’s so graceful and stylish — and this books makes it easy to look at her a lot!  Who doesn’t love looking at her????  To me, she is the epitome of a classic female American icon.  Now lets look at some pictures of her life in style:


Here she is looking chic in this silk peach colored dress while visiting India.  Very few people look good in peach!



I love her in this bright yellow silk gown.  She wasn’t afraid to wear bright colors even though she was surrounded by politicians in black suits all the time.  This picture is a perfect example.



I love this pink dress.  I think this has to be my favorite picture of her.  Talk about a bright color.




Jackie’s inaugural gown:



I really love this picture of her casually dressed (stepping out to go shopping, perhaps?)


Jackie with her sister, Lee; they had a very close relationship




OBSESSED with this green dress she wore on a visit to Cambodia.  







With her sister Lee again:


With her second husband, Aristotle Onassis:

There are so many pictures of her with those tradmark sunglasses.  I think she wore them to try to disguise herself from the paparazzi that constantly followed her.  

I’m not sure I like this pair of sunglasses though…




 I have to include a shout out to my aunt Juju because we both share a love for Jackie.  Here is a picture of Juju and me in front of a restaurant called “Jackie O” that happened to be right next to our hotel in Rome, Italy.  Unfortunately, we did not go inside… I’m sure it is great though!

are we tourists or what? 




I love lucite!  Or acrylic, or any other transparent plastic.  Lucite furniture can look great in any style or setting – it does not have to be modern.  But it should only be used in small doses!  One piece of lucite per room.  Like so:

Middle Child Complex

Elements of Style

Katie Ridder

Eric Lysdahl via Luster Interiors

Melissa Rufty.  I love that banquette!

Caroine Robert via Lonny magazine

Michelle Adams

A piece of lucite furniture is a great way to mix up the style of a room.  Sometimes too much traditional furniture can get a little fussy.  Lucite adds a touch of modern, which makes a room look updated.  Clear furniture is visually light, which is great for smaller rooms instead of using a big chunky wooden or upholstered piece of furniture.  It makes small rooms feel more open.

A few of my favorite lucite pieces of furniture:

First up is Jonathan Adler’s gorgeous Bond console.  It will cost you an arm and a leg…

 On the other hand, Wisteria has this pretty glass desk for $499. 

Wisteria also has a few other acrylic/lucite/glass pieces.  Like this square acrylic coffee table .



Or my personal favorite is the acrylic leaning bookshelves:


 Hickory Chair’s Crystal Side Table

Check out these acrylic barstools from SEARS for just $209 each! 


 Then there is the famous Louis Ghost chair.  My mom has one at her house and I LOVE it.  Perfect for a desk or occasional chair.  I just love it!  It’s classic.

via Design Within Reach

And last but not least… I recently saw this lucite DOG BED with the Brunschwig & Fils animal print fabric on Elements of Style blog.  I’m not sure what crazy person came up with this, but whoever sleeps here is one chic pooch!


Elements of Style




Spring Break

Who said Spring Break was only for college students?

My mom, my sister and I went to Orange Beach, Alabama for a little rest and relaxation this past weekend.  My grandmother has a condominium down there that we’ve been going to since I was 6 or 7 years old.  Needless to say, the vacation didn’t compare to the wild spring breaks I had in college (although we did see some pretty wild spring breakers on the beach).  It was so nice to forget about the stress of the interior design business for a few days while I was doing this:

Our wildest move was to go to the FloraBama for a Bushwacker on St. Patrick’s Day.  If you haven’t been, you must go — and if you don’t get a Bushwacker, then you haven’t gotten the full experience.

Now back to the real world! :(

photos by me on my iPhone.


Spring has come early!  I’m on vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama, where the weather couldn’t be more perfect.  I thought I would post some bright and cheery pictures to show how excited I am about this Spring weather!


Habitually Chic


Katie Ridder

oh my please can i have this?!!!!

Refinery 29

The Clay Pot!

The Clay Pot

Wow // monique lhuillier resort 2012 collection

Pretty Stuff

Michelle Armas artwork

art by Michelle Armas

Pink Wallpaper

Lonny Magazine Oct/Nov 2009 | Photography by Patrick Cline; Interior Design by Kate Simpson

Lonny magazine

Katie Ridder

Katie Ridder

Scott Currie

Scott Currie

Miles Redd via Habitually Chic

Miles Redd – told you you’d be seeing a lot of him :)

Books, Books, Books!

via The Little Green Notebook

Books are a great way to arrange table tops, bookshelves, desks… virtually any surface (even the floor, as you’ll see).  Most people have a small collection of hard back books that they’ve had for years in their attic.  Or if you’re like me, you’ve inherited way more books than you’ll ever read from your grandparents.  Let’s put those books to use!  Books = decor. 

If you don’t have any books, you can find inexpensive books at any local used book store.  I love collecting books by my favorite designers.  Here are some of my favorites:


  Here are some examples of how to arrange books on etageres or bookshelves.   

I love the way it looks when a piece of artwork is hung directly on a bookshelf:

Jeffrey Bilhuber

Katie Ridder


The Little Green Notebook

Arranging bookshelves can seem like a challenge to some people, but I assure you that anyone can do it!  Don’t over think it.  The books do not have to be color coordinated or even symmetrical.  Place the books in horizontal stacks AND vertical stacks (again, does not have to be symmetrical).  To add interest, find a few of your favorite “objects” around the house and incorporate them into the shelves with the books.  These “objects” can be anything:  baskets, candlesticks, picture frames, boxwoods.  Alternate the books with objects.  The objects can even be placed on top of a stack of books.


Jan Showers

Miles Redd

In the picture above, it looks like designer Miles Redd was in a hurry and tried to place 1,000 books on a shelf as quickly as possible.   Then he added a few pieces of artwork, a couple of objects, and some pink peonies.  So easy — and it looks great!  Miles Redd can do no wrong; he’s a genius.  And that is why you will be seeing a lot of him in this blog :)  

I hate it when bookshelves are perfectly arranged and symmetrical.  It just looks too “done”.  The books do not have to be a set of encyclopedias with matching binding (who uses encyclopedias anymore when we have the internet?).  It just looks like someone tried way too hard and spent way too much time and money making sure everything matched and lined up perfectly.  Why not have a functional bookshelf that you’re not scared to touch?


You can’t go wrong with a Foo Dog as one of your “objects”.  Especially that emerald green one above.


Great use of objects.

 Here are some examples of books arranged on other surfaces…



via  Lonny. Obsessed with that printed fabric on the cushion and pillows.


 via Inspired Design



Mark D. Sikes via Habitually Chic

See?  I told you they even look good on the floor! :)

 via Color Outside the Lines

West Elm

West Elm even decided to put books in the fireplace of this bedroom.  A little strange, but I like it!

 Books make a house feel more like a home.  More “lived in”.  So if you want your house to be a little more cozy, sprinkle some books around!



In my opinion, burlap is probably the cheapest, most aesthetically pleasing fabric in existence.  I recently had a burlap bedskirt made for my bed.  Or “dust ruffle” as some people call it.   It literally made my room look 10 times better.  I paid $7 a yard (and that is considered expensive for burlap!) for about 5 yards to make a queen size bedskirt.  It was slightly gathered so it required a little more fabric than if it had been tailored.  My bedskirt looked something like this:

image via

Unfortunately, I’m ADD so the bedskirt only lasted a few months before it was replaced by a new one.

Burlap can be used as fabric in many different ways to save money.  The room pictured above went all out with burlap.  Headboard, bedskirt, AND curtains.  I’m not saying you should put burlap on everything, but if you’re looking to save $$$ on fabric, burlap is the way to go.

Burlap curtains are great.  If you leave the burlap unlined, it will act as a “sheer” fabric, allowing natural light, but still providing privacy.  They look best without any pleating because the fabric is so casual.  It adds a rustic feel to a room.  I especially love these burlap curtains with the thin iron hardware:

image via

However, I do not recomend using it as upholstery because its very itchy.  Unless you don’t use the chair/sofa very often, I would not upholster it in burlap.

My friends and I recently threw an engagement party where we used burlap as table runners.  It was perfect for a casual, outdoor party.

Please excuse the terrible quality of the picture taken from my iPhone.

I love burlap lamp shades like the ones on these Pottery Barn mercury lamps…

Pottery Barn

Love those mercury lamps!  They add a little bling to the burlap :)

Or what about a burlap pendant?  I can see this one looking great in just about any room…

Things That Inspire

 You can buy burlap fabric at any local fabric store (Hobby Lobby, Hancock’s, WalMart, etc.) for around $3 a yard.  Go get your burlap!!! :)



Boxwood Topiaries

Everyone should have at least one boxwood topiary in their home.  The more, the better.  They add a touch of foliage to a room.  They also make great gifts, especially for people who seem to have everything.  You will also see that they work in any style of room, from traditional to modern:

Little Green Notebook

Mallory Mathison Inc.

My favorite place to buy boxwoods is none other than Boxwoods in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.  They have a great selection of topiaries in different shapes, sizes, and canisters.

All other images via Pinterest.  Follow me on pinterest: